Canadian Indie Comic Books Wiki

Studiocomix Press its solely dedicated to the traditional Comic Book entertainment business through our monthly publications always offering a great experience to our readers with a great product.

This publishing company leaded by Award-winning Comic Book Creator Alfonso Espinos his work has being published since 1996 and recently featured as the main story line in the Documentary Heroes Manufactured, documentary that explores the recent Canadian comic industry and their conventions.

  • The Night Spike
  • All Jack City
  • All Jack City Alpha
  • 2010
  • Perdu Cirque
  • Dark Blood
  • Six Faces of a Dice
  • The Guy with the Crystal Skull

We understand also that every single reader is different, for this reason we have developed various types of titles including a variety of art work style, storytelling and topics, going from the manga adventure to the detective comics, we are making sure that the comic book that you choose has the best content that we can offer.