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Basic info[]

Created by Emmanuel Filteau

48 pages, full colour.

Funded on Kickstarter


Welcome to the Interface. Forget your dreadful day to day life in the slowly decaying city. Forget that all jobs have been automated through the robot workforce and that your life is a whirlpool of numbing boredom. The Interface will provide you with all the entertainment you will ever need. Well as much as your daily quota allows. But don't worry! There is one job that will pay you in Interface time. Join Transcervical today! We ask so little...

Tales from the Interface No.2 continues delving into the worlds generated by the Interface. The format of the book can be compared to an anthology, with every chapter drawn in a different style that serves storytelling. The stories are linked together by Gauthier, the main protagonist, who can be spectator or participant, similarly to watching a movie vs playing a game. While the general theme is virtual reality, stories touch on a variety of themes, such has genetics, robotics... There is also a fair dose of giant monster action. It draws inspiration from classic short sci-fi/fantasy stories, but with a dash of surrealism.