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Basic info[]

Created by Emmanuel Filteau

48 pages, full colour.

Funded on Kickstarter


In a slowly decaying futuristic city, social class is determined by the amount of time you spend in a virtual world called: The Interface.

A dystopian megalopolis... a harsh, violent city where citizens get slaughtered at the first sign of unruliness by the Robopaxes:  Nightmarish, Lovecraftian tentacular monsters. This grimful backdrop is punctuated with a good dose of dark humour, provided by the often clueless inhabitants of the city.

If you like: weird and unusual future tech, vivid dystopian futures, retro sci-fi, cyberpunk, Judge Dredd (2000AD), Akira (Otomo), Hard Boiled (Darrow), L’Incal (Moebius), Altered Carbon, Blade Runner, The Matrix, Logan’s run, Robocop, Soylent Green, THX 1192, Total Recall,1984, Brave New world, Foundation series, Neuromancer or Beneath a steel sky. Tales from the Interface was made for you!