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Basic info[]

Writers: Gary Boyarksi, Donovan Yaciuk, James Zintel
Artists: James Zintel, Justin Shauf
Colourist: Donovan Yaciuk
Letterer: Andrew Thomas
Editor: Jeff Burton

28 pages Colour

First cross-over featuring all of the Canadian Comic Book Alliance characters

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Published by: Minijeff Productions and the CCBA

Characters Appearing[]


Breaking the world record for largest collection of independent Canadian Super-Heroes teaming up in a single issue!

The ancient demonic Proto-Master Psykorr has taken physical form, intent on destroying all of reality as we know it! From a secret base in Canada, the bravest and most heroic individuals of all time prepare to launch their desperate, last ditch attempt to save all of existence, and it all rests on the shoulders on Humboldt’s own..... AURORAMAN!


"This is one heck of a fun ride" Martin Boruta - First Comics News

"a love letter to comic events of the 80’s" Josh Rose - Rogue's Portal

"simply dive-in and enjoy" Dena - splashes and speechbubbles

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: 120 Copies Printed, Officially Released April 2018

Full wrap around cover for first printing (left is front cover, right is back cover)