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Basic info[]

Written by Attila Kiss

Art by Greg Woronchak

Cover by Greg Woronchak

Cover Color by Matheus Bronca

24 pages Black & White


Available Digitally on Comixology, Comixcentral, DriveThru Comics & IndyPlanet

Published by: Scattered Comics


Punk is Dead! At least it is for the legendary Punk trio from London, (U.K.), The Punk Brats and their members, the Gekimo siblings, when the drummer and the oldest rat in the mischief is hit by the Blues. Their reputation and career is at stakes, unless the two remaining members of the family, with little help from their Canadian cousin and newly appointed manager, find a cure for Bob to put them back on the road to stardom. This task is easier said than done, since Bob’s peculiar obsession is a romantic pursuit of much older dams. While it's not an impossible task to achieve on its own merit, it might pose some grueling challenges for the brothers, since the blues affected rodent is a Quinquagenarian himself. This 3 Issue Limited Mini-Series offers a hilarious take on the mid-life crisis by sui generis anthropomorphic protagonists in a story lavishly scattered with fun to decipher pop culture references.

Printing Information[]

  1. Officially Released February 2018