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Basic info[]

Written by Attila Kiss

Art by Greg Woronchak

Cover by Greg Woronchak

Cover Color by Matheus Bronca

24 pages Black & White


Available Digitally on Comixology, Comixcentral, DriveThru Comics & IndyPlanet

Published by: Scattered Comics


An old foe returns. Are his intentions noble, or are they of the opposite nature? Meanwhile, Julius is put to a test, in a task designed to either establish a solid trust between the spearheaded manager and his cousins or to put an end to his services. This 2nd issue of the hit new series is much like the Schrödinger’s cat experiment. Until you read it, there is a 50% chance the Blues scattered the Punk Brats all over these pages, while there is also a 50% chance, it brought them together.

Printing Information[]

  1. Officially Released June 2018