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Basic info[]

Written by: Sean Michael Jordan, Alex Kennedy

Art by: Dave Howlett

Cover by Mike Holmes

Lettered by: Sean Michael Jordan

Edited by: Sean Michael Jordan

Published by Decent Comics

Black & White 39 Pages

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THE LAST PAPER ROUTE takes place sometime in the 1990s in Harbour City - a mid-size metropolis with a rich and mysterious paper-route history going back 100 years. Our heroes are best friends Mikey and Arv, two up-and-coming paperboys who get promoted to the biggest paper-route in the city after a former paperboy mysteriously disappears. They have no idea what perils and craziness they've inherited, but with the help of their boss, the enigmatic and tough-as-nails Mr. Beagles they're determined to deliver their papers - despite the danger!

The Last Paper Route 2 Delivering the papers - despite the dangers! The mystery of Arv and Mikey's new Paper Route deepens as some major new characters are introduced and hints are discovered. PLUS An all-new Grandpa Funnybook backup story! DECENT!

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: ??? Copies Printed Officially Released April 2017