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The Leaf, Canada's Greatest Hero! ® There have been Leafs past, present, and future protecting Canada and her interests. Each hero has his own unique style and characteristics that bring all to bear when defending the dominion.

The Leaf ® 2013 Red Leaf Media, LLC.

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Created by John Michael Helmer in 1986. Appeared in several fanzines including "Room 212".

First published appearance: Leaf Summer Slam 2005 and distributed at San Diego Comic Con 2005

Golden Age[]

The Golden Age Leaf, Walter MacSorly


Golden Age Leaf art by Stuart Berryhill

Years in Service: 1938-1955

World War II bred many evils, but what rose from the smoke and flames that had engulfed the globe was far more powerful than the will to survive; It was a symbol of a nation --The Leaf, Canada's Greatest Hero. Captain Walter MacSorly, the Golden Age Leaf, battles Nazis and thwarts the plans of the Third Reich as he fights in the name of freedom.

During World War Two's darkest hour, as the plague of war rolled across Europe, a desperate Winston Churchill called up "The Best of the Best" from every corner of the British Empire. Captain Walter James MacSorly, the Golden Age Leaf, triumphantly leads Winston Churchill's IMPERIALS across the globe extinguishing tyranny and oppression in the name of freedom!

First appearance: The Leaf Issue 1

Origin: MacSorly RCMP

Silver Age[]

The Silver Age Leaf, James MacSorly


Silver Age Leaf colors by Stuart Patrick art by Stuart Berryhill

Years in Service: 1965-1995

Grab hold of something –anything! This ride is all-out-action! Follow James MacSorly, the Silver Age Leaf, as he springs into action on a mission to save Canada!

First appearance: The Leaf Issue 2

Modern Age[]

The Modern Leaf, Michael MacSorly


Modern Leaf art by Paul Berry

Years in Service: Current

For two generations the Leaf has been Canada's greatest hero, a heritage passed from father to son, until Michael MacSorly breaks that tradition. When a killer robot assumes the guise of the Leaf in its brutal campaign against crime, a reluctant Michael must take on the mantle of the Leaf from his deceased father and redeem the hero's now tarnished legacy.

First appearance: The Leaf Issue 3


The Future Leaf, Angus MacSorly


Future Leaf art by Eric Douthitt & Robert Norton

Years in Service: 2125 and on...

Angus McSorly has an incredible legacy to uphold. There have been many Leafs over the generations, but at no time in history has one man been needed more than now...

Follow the Future Leaf's adventures in space in the 101st Mountie Brigade in the year 2125 on on the Red Planet as he protects Mars Dome One!

First appearance: The Leaf Issue 5

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