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Basic info[]

Editor: Brad Eastburn

Cover Art and Title Design: Jakob Burgos

 Logo Design: Antonio Lamas

24 pages Black & White

Characters Appearing[]

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Three tales of ALL-OUT action starring the Golden Age Leaf and Winston Churchill's IMPERIALS!

The Golden Age Leaf battles Nazis, defending freedom and squashing tyranny during World War II.

The IMPERIALS in "Zombie Castle"  8 pages  Written by CL Werner & John Helmer  Art by Rowel Roque  Black Rod, Johnny Dingo, GA Leaf, Victoria Cross

For two generations, The Leaf has been Canada’s protector, a heritage passed from father to son. In this issue, Red Leaf Comics is proud to present Captain Walter MacSorly as The Golden Age Leaf in a tale set during 1942. In future stories, we will showcase James MacSorly, The Silver Age Leaf, who fought in the 1960’s and 70’s, and also the youngest of the MacSorly clan, Michael, who protects the streets of Toronto as The Modern Leaf. A Mari Usque ad Mare!

The Dieppe landings of 1942 are a complete disaster and Captain Walter MacSorly, The Golden Age Leaf, is now a prisoner of war inside the famed Colditz Castle! ---But not for long as Winston Churchill’s IMPERIALS charge in to save the day...until a legion of zombies show up and spoil his rescue!

Victoria Cross in "The Tyrant" 6 pages  Written by C.L. Werner  Art by Paul Moore 

Johnny Dingo in "Monsters" 6 pages  Written by C.L. Werner  Art by Joe Badon 

American Guard in "Roots" 1 page  Written by Mark F Davis  Art by Randy Valiente 

Surprising Comics Advertisement  1 page  Art by Randy Valiente 

CE Publishing Advertisement  1 page  Art by Nathan Kroll 

Dracula "The Gift" Written by Michael Sacal  Art by Stuart Berryhill  1 page preview advertisement 

The Leaf "Red Autumn" Written by John Michael Helmer  Art by Rodolfo Maximo  1 page preview advertisement

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: ??? Copies Printed Officially Released November 2010
  2. Variant Cover?