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Basic info[]

Written by John Michael Helmer & Michael Sacal

Illustrated by Randy Valiente & Michael Lawler

20 pages Black & White

Characters Appearing[]

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Yes, there was a Silver Age Leaf protecting Canada from Separatists and other threats. Join James MacSorly as he battles Canadian enemies from within the dominion! And did I mention Martians, eh?

Issue two continues the Legacy of the Leaf –Canada's Greatest Hero!! Follow the adventures of the Silver Age Leaf James MacSorly.

Two great stories –one great thriller:

7th Wave Prologue[]

Written by John Michael Helmer

Art - Michael Lawler

Letters – T. Warren Montgomery

Desperately searching for a kidnapped minister and his wife by a cell of 7th Wave Separatists, the Silver Age Leaf and his assistant, The Handler, leap into action to save the day...

7th Wave[]

Written by Michael Sacal

Art - Randy Valiente

Letters – T. Warren Montgomery

The trail of the 7th Wave leads to an abandon warehouse in Northern Canada, but the Silver Age Leaf finds more than he can bargain for... Martians! And, his father –the Golden Age Leaf!

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: 100 Copies Printed, Officially Released July 2011