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Basic info[]

Written by John Michael Helmer

Illustrated by Randy Valiente

Letters by T. Warren Montgomery

20 pages Black & White

Characters Appearing[]

  • The Leaf
  • The Robot Leaf
  • Susan Ferros
  • Father Canada
  • Captain Fletcher

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Follow Michael MacSorly’s FIRST adventure as The Leaf! When a robot killer in the guise of Canada’s Greatest Hero terrorizes the streets, Michael must don the Leaf Flight Suit and take on the mantle of the legendary patriot and protect the dominion!

For two generations the Leaf has been Canada's greatest hero, a heritage passed from father to son, until Michael MacSorly breaks that tradition. When a killer robot assumes the guise of the Leaf in its brutal campaign against crime, a reluctant Michael must take on the mantle of the Leaf from his deceased father and redeem the hero's now tarnished legacy.

Michael MacSorly is The Leaf –Canada’s Greatest Hero! Fluttering to protect the dominion!

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: 100 Copies Printed, Officially Released August 2011