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Basic info[]

Written by John Michael Helmer

Illustrated by Randy Valiente

20 pages Black & White

Characters Appearing[]

  • The Leaf
  • Panzermann
  • Angus Finney
  • Jill Canada

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The Leaf is a legacy hero protecting Canada form threats within the dominion and abroad.

“Redemption Road” War veteran Angus Finney pleads with his nephew Michael to take him back to Berlin and retrieve the long lost body of Jill Canada, presumed missing in action in the final days of World War II. Michael honors his dying uncle's request, thrusting them into the adventure of a lifetime… But they find more than they are looking for… Is it true? Can Jill Canada still be alive after all this time?

Twenty pulse-pounding pages of All-Canadian action! The Modern Leaf Michael MacSorly travels to Berlin Germany and discovers a World War II secret that nobody was meant to find… Along with Sgt. Angus Finney, The Leaf faces his deadliest foe to date– PANZERMANN!

Printing Information[]

  1. Cover A: 100 Copies, Printed Officially Released March 2013
  2. Cover B 100 Copies, May 2013