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Basic info[]

Written by John Michael Helmer

Illustrated by Randy Valiente & Eric Douthitt

20 pages Black & White

Characters Appearing[]

  • The Leaf
  • Cold Man
  • Petron, the Petrol Man
  • Department R

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Canada’s top spy, the Cold Man, is on a mission to retrieve secret files from EvOil, a conglomerate with evil intentions. When he gets in too deep, The Leaf flutters in to the rescue fighting Petron –the Petrol Man. In the back-up story, Canada’s super secret organization Department R protects Canada from a Russian invasion in 1962 –or did they? Who was the real hero…perhaps the Windego?

Michael MacSorly is The Leaf –Canada’s Greatest Hero! Fluttering into action to defend the dominion.

Printing Information[]

  1. Cover A: 100 Copies Printed
  2. Cover B: 25 Copies
  3. Cover C: 25 copies
  4. Officially Released July 2013