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Basic info[]

  • Written by Mark Zuelkhe
  • Illustrated by Claude St. Aubin
  • Colours by Chris Chuckry
  • Lettering by Todd Klein

104 pages, Colour, Hardcover

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Double Award Winning Graphic Novel:

2016 Alberta Book Awards Children's/YA Book of the Year and Illustrated Book Award Winner

Published by Renegade Arts & Entertainment


The follow up to Canadian bestseller The Loxleys and the War of 1812, catches up with the family in 1864 as threats from America once again place the Canadas in grave danger. The story is told as a travelogue as George Loxley reports on the attempts to bring the provinces together, joined by his daughter, and granddaughter Lilian. It is Lilian’s diary entries and her developing love story that threads the history together.

104 page, beautifully coloured, hardback graphic novel featuring 73 page historically accurate comic strip about a Canadian family caught up in Confederation and a diary written by acclaimed Canadian military historian Mark Zuehlke.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: ??? Copies Printed Officially Released July 2015