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The Nefarious Smyths 2019 Annual cover

Basic info[]

Written by Dug

Art by Valery Ike Bayu Aji

Cover by Valery Ike Bayu Aji

Colour by Edgar Tavitas

Letters by Alf Collins

Edited by Shelby Dixon

Published by: Ab3 12c Entertainment

Characters Appearing[]

Kat Ryan "The Feline"

Jack Smyth

Jim "The Mechanic"


Introducing "The Feline" Red Deers greatest protector. Okay she's kind of an alcoholic, drug addicted heroine but her hearts in the right place and she's been through a lot so maybe try cutting her a break.

This story picks up after The Nefarious Smyths 4. Due to production issues with the main series the annual was actually the first Smyth's book ever completed but was the 5th one released.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: December 2019, 300 copies