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The Nefarious Smyths 5 cover by Gilberto Ferrel n Edgar Tavitas

Basic info[]

Written by Dug

Art by Gilberto Ferrel

Cover by Gilberto Ferrel variant by Victor Izquierdo

Colours by Edgar Tavitas

Letters by Alf Collins

Edited by Shelby Dixon

Published by: Ab3 12c Entertainment

Characters Appearing[]

Jack Smyth

Jim "The Mechanic"

The Feline


Victor Knoxville


With his wife Shelby Smyth near death, Jack has no chance but to call in a favour with his long time friend "The Mechanic". The two are heading to Edmonton to try and steal some equipment and hopefully save Shelby's life. And is if they can survive their first meeting with The Feline.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: July 2020 Two covers, one was a Antique Mall Red Deer exclusive
  2. Smyths5variant

    Antique Mall Red Deer Exclusive cover by Victor Izquierdo and Edgar Tavitas