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The Nefarious Smyths 6 cover D by Gilberto Ferrel and Edgar Tavitas

Basic info[]

Written by Dug

Art by Gilberto Ferrel

Cover by Gilberto Ferrel

Colour by Edgar Tavitas

Letters by Alf Collins

edited by Shelby Dixon

Published by: Ab3 12c Entertainment

Characters Appearing[]

Jack Smyth

Shelby Smyth

Gracelyn Smyth




Shelby Smyth

Shelby and Jack Smyth by Gilberto Ferrel and Edgar Tavitas from The Nefarious Smyths 6


Shelby is finally out of her coma. Jack introduces a new android to the family. Gracelyn works hard to try and find a unicorn.

This issue was printed with several different covers. Each retailer got their own unique cover. Some retailers included Doomed Surfer Comics, Cheers to Comics and Cosmic Otter Comics. When the five covers are combined they create one massive connecting image. There is also a 1:10 ratio cover. Its the first in a series of video game homage covers coming from artist Gilberto Ferrel.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: January 2022 featuring 5 covers, each retailer got their own unique cover. 500 copies
  2. First Print: January there is also a ratio 1:10 Mario kart homage cover for this issue

The Nefarious Smyths 6 Cover A Cosmic Otter variant


The Nefarious Smyths 6 Cover E Doomed Surfer Comics Exclusive