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Basic info[]

artist Matthew Daley and writer Cory McCallum

23 Pages

Winner of the 2013 Gene Day Award at The Joe Shuster Awards

Digital comic on Comixology


A throwback to the wise-cracking detective days of yore, McCallum's writing contains "the best metaphors I've read in a long time" (Tdotcomics) and Daley's inimitable art "really completes the package, as the whole thing has a unique look to it that still somehow fits the theme perfectly" (Optical Sloth). Four cops have gone missing and there is precious little evidence to go on, but that doesn't stop the scaliest sleuth this side of Sam Spade, Mr. Monitor, the one-line wunderkind, from taking the case. There's no shortage of sidewalk slimeballs in Monitor's world, and no dearth of wry humour and dark twists in Daley and McCallum's mysterious yarn. Daley's art leaps off of the page, his original style managing to succesfully toe the line between forward-thinking and classic. McCallum's writing finds a delicate balance between revelling in the tight-lipped genius of gumshoe vernacular and gleefully ridiculing the very same. As reviewed in the Optical Sloth, "if you have any interest in this type of story, it's rarely done any better than this. If you don't have any interest in noir, why not give this one a shot to see if maybe this time you can build an interest?"

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: ??? Copies Printed, Released 2012