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Basic info[]

Written and Drawn by Jason Loo

64 pages, Colour

First Appearance of the Pitiful Human Lizard

Funded on Kickstarter

Nominated for the Gene Day Award 2015 in the Joe Shuster Awards

Characters Appearing[]


The Pitiful Human- Lizard is a comic book series created by cartoonist Jason Loo. The story follows corporate lackey Lucas Barrett who finds excitement outside his 9-to-5 job as a struggling superhero. The debut issue is a grounded underdog story that takes place in the city of Toronto. It's a new, comical approach on a superhero who is uniquely Canadian.

Toronto's got a new superhero! And he's pitiful! Lucas Barrett is a 9-5 office lackey during the day and a struggling superhero on evenings and weekends. He's also broke. While his job salary is not enough to support his crime-fighting hobby, Lucas finds an alternate plan that may heighten his superhero status. This is the 64-page, full-colour debut issue of The Pitiful Human-Lizard! 

 Chapterhouse proudly presents the first of five reprinted issues of Loo Harvest’s The Pitiful Human Lizard. Creator Jason Loo will continue his highly-lauded series under the Chapterhouse banner, beginning with #6 in February 2015.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print Cover A: 1000 Copies, Officially Released April 2014
  2. Second Printing ??? Copies, October 2014
  3. Cover B (Honest) 20 Copies April 2014
  4. Cover C (Chinatown) 20 Copies April 2014
  5. Sketch Cover ??? Copies 2014
  6. Chapterhouse Versions (all 3 covers), Released ?