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Basic info[]

Written by April Pierce & Gareth CJ Wee

Art by April Pierce

Assistant Colourist Dennis Yip

Editor Paul Brokenshire

Available at their Website

92 pages, full colour.

The Prince and the Swan is an LGBT fairytale about 2 princes, a mystical curse and the adventures, friendships and growing romance weaving them together.


The Prince and the Swan is the story of Prince Siegfried, soon to be crowned King of Validen, a kind and practical prince who has some recent reservations about his change in role.

Conflicted about his impending coronation and desperate to escape the growing storm of potential suitors, Siegfried follows a mysterious rumor of dangerous beasts in the nearby forest where he truly finds beasts a plenty! But what he didn’t expect was a magical lake and a volatile cursed prince Odet, who will save his life, but seems to need saving in return.

Who is Odet? Why is he trapped at the lake? How can Siegfried break the curse, and even more importantly, should he? If you’re looking for a fairy tale with more than enough excitement, intrigue, and romance, The Prince and the the Swan will take you on a new adventure with princes, curses, and true love as you’ve never seen it before!

Printing Information[]

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