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Basic Info[]

Created by Chase Kantor

Pencils and Inks by Daniel Schneider

Colors by Chase Kantor and Sabrina O'Donnell

Letters by Chase Kantor and Sylvia Moon

Cover by Daniel Schneider

24 pages, Full Colour


Published by: Nothing Works Entertainment Inc.


The first entry in The Saga of the Jack of Spades. Deep in the forests of Spade Kingdom, a band of criminals who call themselves The Euchre have amassed, terrorizing the Kingdom. The young Prince of Spades, Jack, recently appointed Lord High Minister of Executions, is tasked with bringing the Euchre clan, along with their most notorious bandit, the Knave of Spades, to justice. Written by Chase Kantor, pencils and inks by Daniel Schneider, colors by Sabrina O'Donnell and Chase Kantor, and letters by Sylvia Moon and Chase Kantor.


Published Digitally by Nothing Works Entertainment Inc. - November. 2015

Comixology, Website, ComixCentral

Published First Print Run by Nothing Works Entertainment Inc. - March, 2016