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Basic Info[]

Created by Chase Kantor

Pencils and Inks by Daniel Schneider

Colors by Chase Kantor and Sabrina O'Donnell

Letters by Chase Kantor and Sylvia Moon

Cover by Daniel Schnieder

24 pages, Full Colour


Published by: Nothing Works Entertainment Inc.


War waged for centuries.  Fearing total destruction,  The Four Kingdoms entrusted the Four of a Kind, an order of wise and holy men, to keep the peace at any cost. Each member of this conclave watched their King closely. But power corrupts all and peace, yet again, found itself balanced on the edge of a sword.

The infamous Euchre Clan continues to terrorize the Spade Kingdom. After executing their most notorious Bandit, the Knave of Spades, Prince Jack uncovers a plot on his life, lead by none other than David Tell, the Prince’s life-long tutor and friend.  Concerned for his safety, the impulsive Prince of Spades steals aboard his Uncle’s raiding party, bound for the heart of Euchre territory: Tilt Forest.  


Published Digitally by Nothing Works Entertainment Inc. - September 2016

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Published First Print Run by Nothing Works Entertainment Inc. - October 2016