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Basic Info[]

Created by Chase Kantor

Pencils and Inks by Daniel Schneider

Colors by Chase Kantor

Letters by Chase Kantor and Jenna O'Flaherty

Cover by Daniel Schneider

28 pages, Full Colour


Published by: Nothing Works Entertainment Inc.


The KING is DEAD. Rumored a suicide, and without a clear successor, The HEART family is on the verge of total ruin. To rally faith among her subjects and fear in her political rivals, the QUEEN of HEARTS encamps two thousand battle-hardened troops just outside the small village of LITTLE BLIND, on the cusp of SPADE territory.

While the royal court debates succession, the Captain of the Heart Navy, the fearless PRINCE OF HEARTS, returns from his campaign against the dreaded CRAZY EIGHT pirate gang. Refusing to believe the rumors, LA HIRE vows vengeance on his father’s killers, whoever they may be. The King is dead. Long live the King.


Published Digitally by Nothing Works Entertainment Inc. - June 2017

Comixology, Website, ComixCentral

Published First Print Run by Nothing Works Entertainment Inc. - June 2017

Also published in a double feature with issue 4