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Basic Info[]

Created by Chase Kantor

Pencils and Inks by Daniel Schneider

Colors by Chase Kantor

Letters by Chase Kantor

Cover by Daniel Schneider

28 pages, Full Colour


Published by: Nothing Works Entertainment Inc.


Jack’s on Tilt. The infamous EUCHRE CLAN hold the PRINCE of SPADES hostage, parading him through the labyrinthian TILT FOREST, fabled haunt and haven to the Euchre. Tormented and tortured daily by their leader, KNOX, Jack begins to lose all hope that his father, the KING of SPADES, will pay his ransom.

While the Euchre’s patience wears thin, the wheels of conquest continue to turn. With Jack out of the picture, the QUEEN of HEARTS sets her sights on the next in line to the SPADE throne: ALICE.


Published Digitally by Nothing Works Entertainment Inc. - June 2018

Website, ComixCentral

Published First Print Run by Nothing Works Entertainment Inc. - September 2018

Also published in a double feature with issue 3


Alternate Covers[]