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The Nefarious Smyths by Dennis Tirona and Edgar Tavitas

Team Description[]

The Nefarious Smyths are Red Deer, Alberta's own family of super villains. After being betrayed by the government Jack Smyth and his family were left with two choices, try and fix the situation or become the very villains they were being accused of portraying anyway.

The Smyths appear in the Canadian comic book series The Nefarious Smyths.

The Nefarious Smyths is also the book primarily used on the youtube series Making Comics: The Nefarious Way.

Official Websites[]

Published by Ab3 12c Entertainment


All Characters were created by Dug

Jack Smyth

Shelby Smyth

Gracelyn Smyth

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The Nefarious Smyths 6 Doomed Surfer comics exclusive variant