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The smyths 2 cover small

The Smyths 2 Cover by Dennis Tirona

Basic info[]

Written by Dug

Art by Dennis Tirona

Cover by Dennis Tirona

Colour by Edgar Tavitas

Letters by Alf Collins

Edited by Shelby Dixon

Published by: Ab3 12c Entertainment

Characters Appearing[]

Jack Smyth

Shelby Smyth

Gracelyn Smyth

Chris "Rigid" Jones


Kotoe and Asumi

Nut & Bolt


The Smyths 2 variant cover featuring Chronicles in Red Deer AB


The Smyths attack government headquarters in downtown Red Deer. Jack and Shelby must use a disguise to get in. And a brutal ending no Smyth fan will ever forget.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: April 10, 2019 200 copies
  2. Second Print: Aug 2019 Nerdanatix LLC/Ab3 12c Entertainment 100 copies

Reprinted in Sloppy Seconds edition vol 1, and Family First TPB