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Basic info[]

Written and Created by Jeff Sturge

Illustrated by Nick Marinkovich 

Softcover, 94 pages, Colour

Funded on Kickstarter

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Fintan O’Neill’s no hero. There’s not too many rich people in 17th Century Ireland, but the likeable, withdrawn 15-year-old is the poorest kid in Ballypoyle, living on a small tenant farm with his hardened, cynical mother, forced to do what she's had to for her and her boy to survive.

The arrival of Fintan’s older cousin Ruari – a soldier with his own troubled past – has turned his world upside down. Appointing himself a stand in father figure, Ruari leads Fintan into a world of vice and violence. Sensing the danger, yet unable to resist the excitement – Fintan lets himself get sucked in.

But Fintan’s got no idea what his cousin’s really mixed up with.  And it's about to throw the shy introvert into a whirlwind adventure into the unknown...

The Background:

The idea for Voyageur came to Jeff back around 2009. Originally conceived as a vehicle to recreate the voyages of Samuel de Champlain, the fictional characters began to take on a life of their own and the story grew from there.

He brought the idea to Nick, who was instantly intrigued and came on board as an illustrator and partner. The artwork Nick's chosen is a unique photo-based imagery, completely rendered in ink and heavily stylized to achieve a haunting look with regard to the characters and environment. All architecture, landscapes and wardrobe from the era have been meticulously researched for historical accuracy. The costumes and settings are taken from historical buildings and period drawings.

It's an amazing story set in an even more amazing period in time. This is the first of what's intended to be a six-book series with a cast that includes a cast of strong characters both male and female, and interwoven storylines of other landmark events happening during this period.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Edition Fall 2015