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Basic info[]

Written by Luanga Nuwame

Art by Greg Merritt, Dan Hammond, Marie Jane Works

16 pages Black & White

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Published by: Zelpha Comics

Characters Appearing[]

(To be added)


When Paper Rock Scissors N' Stuff Wars #2, The Adventures of Little Petalianne and Harpy Vardith #1 were still being completed, Zelpha Comics launched a 'sneak-peek' comic called The Zelpha Sampler to showcase the great things to come from all 3 concepts. This 16-page B&W comic is limited to 250 copies, comes signed by Petalianne and Paper Rock Scissors creator Luanga Nuwame and it contains the very first appearance of Harpy Vardith. This comic is our way to share the growing Zelpha Comics universe with new readers and existing fans.


Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: 250 Copies Printed, Officially Released May 2017