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Character Description[]

Returning to Canada after a youth spent in Asgard, Devon Wells struggles to find his own identity in a world that has changed in his absence.  

A shy, sensitive boy at thirteen, Devon was kidnapped from his home in Eastern Canada and delivered to the mythological world of Asgard to be trained as a warrior by his father, Odin.  

Now an adult, Devon is Thunder-- half Norse God, half mortal, and trying to figure out where he fits in.  

He befriends Code Monkey, aka Glenn Malone, who moves in with him after losing his home due to life circumstances; the two bond and are becoming best friends.  

Although built like a warrior, Thunder prefers to use his mind and gentle words to deal with situations before resorting to violence (Frost Giants are an exception).  

Powers & Abilities[]

  • Flight
  • Strength
  • Weather Control
  • Projects Lightning
  • Has a "seeming" whereby mortals cannot see him as he truly is when he's being Devon. This does not seem to work on Code Monkey.

Official Websites[]

Published by Two Gargoyles Comics


Original Character Design by Michael McAdam & Dean Meek

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Modern Character Design by Michael McAdam & Mark Marvida

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Story by Michael McAdam

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