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Basic info[]

Written by Michael McAdam, Art by Dean Meek.

Softcover, 24 pages, 6.75"x10.5" saddle stitched, colour interior

Published by Two Gargoyles Comics


Half-mortal, half Norse God, Devon returns home to Canada after a youth spent in Asgard and steps onto the path to becoming a hero.

The enigmatic Wor, now having forcefully moved in to Thunder's home along with Code Monkey, warns the hero that a great war is coming- the War of Ascendance, a battle between gods for supremacy over the Earth! Wor must train Thunder for battle...or else the world dies in blood and flame! Meanwhile, Mr. Lawson's true nature is revealed-- which spells even more trouble for our hero! 

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Printing Information[]

  1. Self-published in 2013 by Two Gargoyles Comics.