Basic info

Written by Alan Russette

Art by Stephan Petersen

Colours by Gary Scott Beatty

Cover by Stephan Petersen

Page Count: 32, Colour

Published by: ADR Comics



A distress signal at the largest hydroelectric plants in Canada results in two unsuspecting cops checking on the situation. When contact with these cops is lost, a hoard of Police and first responders show up to deal with the situation. It quickly becomes apparent that a team of parahuman mercenaries has takes over the plant.  

Cue Project: I.M.P.A.C.T - a task force of super powered heroes assembled by the Canadian Government to deal with situations such as this. On orders from their veteran leader, the team of heroes gets to work each getting the opportunity to use their unique gifts to contribute as they barge into the facility to confront the parahumans. 

While the plant is eventually taken back, many of the parahumans escape...and that doesn't seem to be all. A final scene reveals a company by the name of PRAVUS is conducting their own programs behind closed doors... 

Printing Information

  1. Digital Copy: Officially Released on February 19, 2020 on Comixology
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