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Black & White, 90 pages, 6" x 9"

Nominated for the Gene Day Award 2015 in The Joe Shuster Awards

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Toronto is a city teeming with life, where all kinds of stories are born and live.

Compiled in a fresh new anthology, some of Toronto’s newest talent share their own stories about the city; some fantastic, some terrifying, and some as real as the streets themselves.

Whether you’re looking for a tale to touch your heart or to chill your blood, you’ll find something that will speak to you in one of the 12 stories within, from 8 new talented writers and 11 exceptional artists.

Blackout By Miike Something and Todd Sullivan

Two childhood friends battle a haunted video game and their own insecurities, in the middle of the Toronto Blackout of 2003.

The Perfect Gold Heist of 1952 By Christopher Bird and Nick Hendriks

The story of a gold heist that remains a mystery to this day.

The Tale of the Eyeball Tree By Oliver Ho and Brice Hall

Following a family tragedy on the waters of Lake Ontario in 1931, young Daphne Ironwood finds a mysterious object that seems to offer new life, forgiveness and redemption.

Brutal By Mark Foo and David Oxley

A writer with a love for architecture digs too deeply into a local story, to his horror.

WTF at the CNE By Christopher Bird and Greg Jensen

The Canadian National Exhibition isn’t just fried foods and carnival rides...

The Ghost of Maple Leaf Gardens By Steven Andrews and Xan Grey

A tragic death leaves a young woman’s ghost haunting Maple Leaf Gardens - and she won’t leave until the terrible truth is revealed!

The Cheese Poems Of James McIntyre By Christopher Bird and Adam Prosser

James McIntyre was a poet with a very particular abiding interest.

Different Times By Nelson da Rocha and Stephany Lein

With the world at stake, three desperate time travellers return to the Golden Age of Heroes - only to discover these were 'Different Times!!!'

The Bathing Suit Trials of 1936 By Christopher Bird and Kelvin Sue

The story of a man who dared to bare his chest and fight the law.

The Scottish Play By BC Holmes

“The Scottish Play” is a story about identity, narratives and the scripts that are imposed upon us.

Doors Into Darkness By Daniel Reynolds and Kelvin Sue

Dennis thinks he has his job as a TTC janitor all figured out until the unexplainable starts happening at Ossington station... and he meets a mysterious old man named Rui.

The Disappearance of Ambrose Small By Christopher Bird and Leo Lee

Ambrose Small was one of the richest men in Toronto. Then he disappeared

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: ??? Copies Printed, Released August 2014