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Basic info[]

An Anthology created by ?? artists and writers

Colour, 208 pages, 6" x 9"

Funded on Kickstarter

Website ~ Facebook


In a city of competitive wizard barristas, nervous werewolves and scoundrel Trash Pandas, you'll find some of the best upcoming comic creators!

From the strange giants that prowl Kensington at midnight, the vengeful Pacific Mall dance mafia, or the dragon-hunting wannabes working Queen street, we've got stories inspired by every part of the city we love.

Featuring a cover by Irma Kniivila (Ms. Marvel, Deadpool) and a foreword from Chip Zdarsky (Jughead, Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man), this book is a celebration of the talent and diversity of Toronto’s comics community.


Cenotaph by Andrew Wheeler, Katamism

Time-worn ghosts try to make sense of a city that's long forgotten them.

The Wolf of Wellesley by Lacey Brannen

A lonely smalltown woman comes to the big city in search of others like her. You know, werewolves.

Mirrored by Sam Beck

Beneath Bay Station, Toronto's magical elite compete for eternal stardom.

Catnap Cafe by Saffron Aurora

A daydream at the cat cafe leaves a woman forever changed.

Bandit Bargain Basement Bonanaza by Julian Apong and Andrea Scott

How DO trash pandas fence all their sweet loot?

Betty and the Blue Jays by Stephanie Brennan, Gina Basora and Steven Andrews

A love of the game connects a family through the generations.

Part-Time Knight by Aaron Feldman and Shawn Daley

Treason in the King's court drives a minimum-wage serf to take center stage.

My Heart Burns for Thee by Peter Hawrysh and Keith Grachow

With grim determination, a man enters a CNE eating competition to win the heart of his true love.

The Goosefighter by Marilyn Anne Campbell, Austen Payne and Andrew Thomas

This U ain't big enough for the 2 of us.

Otto's Fantastic Doner-Kebab Time Machine by Miike and Jon Berg

A drunken date goes interdimensional thanks to the power of a disco washroom.

Whose Line? by Daniel Reynolds and Michael Tuck

The hottest new trend is here! Probably. Maybe? Definitely.

Erasure by Zackary Rupp and Shaikara David

It's easy to pretend history didn't happen, but it still shapes today.

Leave it to Leo by Robert Pincombe, Laurie Foster, Valerie St Gelais and Andrew Thomas

The eldest scoundrel of a 1940's comics crew conjures a caper.

The Flight by Kat Verhoeven

She hasn't felt safe biking since the accident. But a rush order and a mystery rider draw her back into the rush.

The Flood by Mireille Messier and Ally Colthoff

While the city is washed out, four teens boat out to the Island in search of adventure!

FinalMIX! Difficulty: Expert! by Jeff Estrella and Brenna Baines

Revenge is a dish best served at 120 bpm.

Procyon Torontor by Mark Foo and Jalisa Henry

A raccoon with a notched ear endures the seasons.

Dream Job by Haley Millman

After years of not quite hacking it, an amateur monster hunter considers giving up.

SHIFT by Ardo Omer and Katherine Olenic

Two seasonal slackers guard the rift gate to eerie Vaughn.

Finkel and Sons by Sam Ruano, Xan Grey, Nechama Frier and Andrew Thomas

A Jewish shopkeeper's son must quickly decide how best to protect his family.

Nocturne by Steven Andrews and Jonathan Kociuba

When all of Kensington is safely asleep, stranger citizens come out to play.

The Good, the Bad, and the Danforth by Eric Houston, Joy San and Andrew Thomas

An arrogant film star goes all-in at a shady no-limit poker game.

Jane & Finch by Billy Seguire and Maria-Monica Lazos

An anthromorphic representation of Jane Street looks for her lost friend.

TTC Gothic by JM Frey and Dan Simon

Atmospheric TTC horror illustration

Wheel girls by Marcia Iwasaki

Bicycle illustration

Ode to the TO Toad by Casey Parsons

Whisky Kaiju illustration

Here & Everywhere by Vivi Partridge

A guide to the many films shot in TO!

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: ??? Copies Printed, Released May 2018