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Trouble in Tijuana cover by Victor Izquierdo and Edgar Tavitas

Basic info[]

Written by Dug

Drawn by Victor Izquierdo

Cover by Victor Izquierdo

Colours by Edgar Tavitas

Letters by Alf Collins

Edited by Shelby Dixon

Published by: Ab3 12c Entertainment


With Shelby Smyth still recovering, the rest of the family decides its time for a vacation. However they soon discover its not so easy to disappear when your one of the most wanted families on the planet.

After checking into their hotel Grace decides to go check out the pool but Jack follows his stomach to a near by convenience store. Quickly identified and easily arrested its up to Grace to break her Dad out of prison, cause nobody wants to go to jail in Mexico. But who's the new friend Gracelyn made and even more importantly who's their owner? Victor Izquierdo delivers the most beautiful Smyth's adventure yet.

Funded on kickstarter in June 2021 , Trouble in Tijuana is The Smyth's second TPB and first one featuring an original story. It also was available in a mini series format featuring cosplay covers by model Rowan Leigh, she was dressed as "Turner" from the story.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: June 2021
  2. Second Print: January 2022 incorrect back cover

    1 in 5 Ratio variant by Victor Izquierdo and Edgar Tavitas