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Basic info[]

Written by Michael McAdam, Art by Jeremy Thew.

Softcover, 24 pages, 6.75"x10.5" perfect bound, black and white interior

Published by Two Gargoyles Comics


The Twilight Detective Agency will take on any case, anonymously. The reason for this is that the proprietors, Mr. Riverdale and Mr. Hawkstone, are not human. They are Gargoyles, moving behind the scenes of humanity to solve mysteries and protect the human race…for a price.

Riverdale and Hawkstone find themselves embroiled in a robbery at the museum which has resulted in the death of a security guard. The item taken was a mysterious book, apparently containing rituals able to summon the dead back to earth. They need to find the book before the ritual is enacted…but can the mage helping them track it down be trusted?

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Printing Information[]

  1. Self-published in 2009 by Two Gargoyles Comics.