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Basic info[]

Written by Attila Kiss

Art by Trish Isiderio

Cover by Trish Isiderio

28 pages / Colour

First issue in the series, First appearance of the narrator: SantA-iClause

Available Digitally on comiXology

Digital and Print-On-Demand: IndyPLanet

Published by: Scattered Comics

Characters Appearing[]

Ms. Rahmani and her daughter Aayushi

Ms. Mulligan and her daughter Riona

Dr. Raku


A holiday centered one-shot Horror stories, narrated by SantA-iClause.

Merry Christma... kzzz In this Christmas Special: The world-famous phrase "mOther's Love" gets the twist.

Printing Information[]

  1. Officially Released: Nov. 20 2019
  2. Director's Cut Edition (Variant Flip-Cover) / enhanced with a Poster + 13 extra pages of script to pencil art / Ltd. print 5 copies / Release date: Oct. 29 2019
000 MCZ-CoverDC - Outlined
Mulligan's - Copy