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Basic info[]

Written by David Longworth, Harry Kalensky and Allan Stanleigh

Illustrated by Dave Casey

Softcover, 216 pages, Black & White 6"x9"

Published by USNA Publishing Inc.


U.S.N.A. tells the story of Carol Wheeler, an early 40's lawyer who takes her teenaged son, Carter, on a road trip to Calgary after the mysterious death of her eldest son. Beginning in Toronto, their travel plans are changed when a rebel fugitive, Jean Claude Boisvert, slips into their vehicle and into their lives.

Carol and Carter are led on a journey of discovery; discovery of the rebel movement in North America; discovery of their historical connections to the various members of the group; and ultimately the discovery of where their true allegiance lies. This multi-character drama takes place in a shifting array of locales throughout the Canadian landscape.

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