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Written by David Longworth, Harry Kalensky and Allan Stanleigh

Illustrated by Dave Casey

Graphics and Lettering - Chris Barrett

Softcover, 54 pages, Black & White 6.8"x10.2"

Published by USNA Publishing Inc.


This action filled graphic novel tells about a time in the future when our two great countries, Canada and the United States, have amalgamated and there is a growing discontent. Young adults are being conscripted to fight in the Cent-Am wars while a groundswell of rebellion is building. The rebels want to return to a time when the policies of the government represented the best interests of the people, not the best interests of those who govern. The USNA was created to combat this threat and they operate on the fringes of the law. Their mission is simple: locate and eliminate any rebel activity using deadly force if necessary. This is the story of the people's continuing fight against tyranny as it spreads to Chicago, San Francisco, and St. Louis.

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