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Basic info[]

Written by Adriano Ariganello

Art by Valentin de las Casas

Cover A by Valentin de las Casas

Variant Cover B by Rafael Chrestani

Variant Cover C by Riccardo Faccini

28 pages

Colour: Yes

Published by: Pesto Comics

Characters Appearing[]


Udo Dolos


Tech billionaire, Udo Dolos, knows better than you -- or so he thinks. Now it's up to Hope to clean up his mess.

Unlimited Udo is a one-shot 28 page comic, written by Adriano Ariganello (Toronto, Ontario) with art, colouring and lettering by Valentin de las Casas (Bueno Aries, Argentina).

It follows the story of Hope, a former tech employee working for tech billionaire Udo Dolos. All is well until Udo Dolos decides the resolution to the worlds problems is a copy of him to solve those problems. Unsurprisingly, it doesn't go well - and Hope is left to clean up the mess herself.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: 50 number of copies 50 Copies Printed, Officially Released: June 1, 2023
  2. Second Print: 25 copies of cover B Printed, October 30, 2023

(list variant covers separately here and include images for all variants if possible)

Cover B by Rafael Chrestani

Unlimitedudo 01 coverB

Cover C by Riccardo Faccini

UnlimietdUdo 01 coverC