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Verne Andru (Verne Andrusiek) grew up in western Canada during the dawn of the television era with its wacky worlds of Beatlemania and Bugs Bunny. While he dabbled in music and drawing, it wasn't until he met the crew from Captain Canuck Comics at a high school "career day" that he found his calling. He quickly became the studio pest dropping by weekly to show off his latest. During this period he created the Captain Cannabis character and Captain Cannabis Issue 1 comic book, the first of many to come.

His career took off with his first paid job - cel painting on "Blowhard," a National Film Board animated short, followed by animation assignments for Hanna Barbera's Saturday morning line-up including Jana of the Jungle and Godzilla Power Hour. He continued in comics illustrating stories for Phantacea, doing ink and colour on Captain Canuck, cover for Charleton and inking for Marvel.

Working on Nelvana's "Rock & Rule" animated feature Verne bridged old with new - on the one hand he was privileged to work alongside masters Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnson, two of Walt Disney's 9 old men, while at the same time he was designing leading-edge computer-controlled visual effects with Industrial Light and Magic.

Verne then turned his focus to advertising and marketing in Toronto and Vancouver. He provided the creative behind a number of high-tech success stories including Bedford Software's 'Simply Accounting,' one of the best selling small business accounting brands, and the successful Pigtronix musical instrument effects. As CEO of Virtual Access he produced a range of content for web and broadcast, including the highly successful "Kid's Club" TV spots for Swedish furniture retailer, IKEA.


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