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Basic info[]

220 pages black and Blue Duotone 6.37 x 8.25 in

Anthology Contributors:

Jeff Ellis, Jonathon Dalton, Colin Upton, Kevin Forbes, Edison Yan, Bevan Thomas, Reetta Linjama, Amancay Nahuelpan, Angela Melick, Shannon Campbell, Ksenia Kozhevnikova, Christine Vivier, Kate Ebensteiner, Kris Sayer, Nina Matsumoto, Cameron Morris, Gabriel Frizzera, Jordan Stasuk, Kathleen Gros, Kevin Wilson, Kinson Yung, Lucy Bellwood, Paul Gill, Sam Logan, Seth Rutledge, Brinny Langlois, Christine Eberle

Nominated for the 2014 Gene Day Award at The Joe Shuster Awards

Website: Cloudscape

Published by Cloudscape Comics


Waterlogged is an impressive duo-coloured hardcover tome that takes the reader on a journey to explore the ocean in all its forms.Waterlogged has been described by Jason Wilkins of Broken Frontier as “a treasury of tales inspired by the briny deep in its latest top-notch showcase of local talent.” This anthology sails through a multitude of stories, from the emotional tempest of a grandfather’s funeral to the outlandish waters of an alien world, from the prow of a savage Viking long ship to the stern of a modern family sailboat.

It includes a horror story of monstrous romance, a yarn of tea-obsessed pirates, a silent exploration of the sea’s wonders, and many other nautical yarns. More than 30 BC artists contributed to this anthology, including indie comics veteran Colin Upton, Wasted Talent webcartoonist Angela Melick, Simpsons artist Nina Matsumoto, video game artist Edison Yan, and Sam Logan, creator of the popular webcomic Sam & Fuzzy!

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: ??? Copies Printed, Released ? 2013