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Basic info[]

Written and Drawn by Von Allan

Cover by Von Allan

50 pages Full Colour

Trim Size: 6.625" by 10.250"


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ISBN: 978-0-9952772-3-6


Lauren Greene and her mother, Patty, have a huge disagreement over the future of a self-aware AI that her mom saved from a lab and sheltered from its war-mongering creators. Angry at her mother's stubbornness and terrified of the world they're suddenly involved in, Lauren storms out only to be kidnapped by Jeremy Hamilton, the powerful man who invented the AI. Later that night, in trade for Lauren's freedom, Patty surrenders herself and the AI machine to Hamilton.

Freed by Hamilton's goons and assured that her mother is safe and will be released the next day, Lauren returns home to wait. But later that night, she learns, to her horror, that Patty has been suddenly hospitalized in critical condition and the AI is missing. Since the AI has protected her mother in the past, Lauren races against time to find it, hoping that it can save Patty yet again. As she searches frantically, and with her world turned upside down, Lauren must confront an old enemy, dodge new ones, and find the AI, which might not want to be found...before it's too late for everyone.

WOLF'S HEAD is part action-adventure, part drama, featuring strong women of color in the real world. Written and illustrated by Canadian cartoonist Von Allan (the road to god knows..., Stargazer, and Metal Gods), WOLF'S HEAD will excite readers of all ages.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: 500 Copies Officially Released August 15, 2018